CONCIERGE KEY Health Now Accepting Elite Physician Applications

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., May 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CONCIERGE KEY Health – the first on-demand app providing immediate access to elite physician specialists, urgent care clinics and hospitals – announced that physicians can now apply for membership via the CONCIERGE KEY Health website (, to participate on the CONCIERGE KEY Health app, which is planned to go live in consumer beta in the fall of 2017 across select metropolitan locations nationwide. Following an extensive peer review process, CONCIERGE KEY Health will admit a maximum of 2,000 physicians across all medical specialties in the United States through 2018.

Unlike concierge medicine programs that provide retained access to only one primary care physician, CONCIERGE KEY Health will provide its members immediate access to all participating physicians and care facilities nationwide. Membership will cost $2,000 for individuals and $3,500 for families.

"CONCIERGE KEY was created to deliver a personalized and on-demand experience for our members across the entire healthcare spectrum," said Robert E. Grant, Founder and CEO of CONCIERGE KEY Health. "Our objective is to redefine the healthcare experience for our members. Members will no longer have to wait several weeks to see an elite physician specialist, or endure an impersonal healthcare experience. The easy-to-use app will provide members immediate access to all types of world-class physicians and care facilities at times that are convenient to members' schedules."

Dallas-based leading Cardiologist, Tony Das, MD said, "Physician specialists will soon be able to offer on-demand concierge experiences to their patients as an adjunct to their overall practice of medicine. CONCIERGE KEY Health's app sophistication is its simplicity. It is intensely focused on delivering what discerning patients desire most: an on-demand and personal experience with physician faculty leaders across all fields of medicine nationwide."

CONCIERGE KEY Health recognizes only board certified faculty members of specialty medical societies who are also members of World Physicians Organization (WPO), a highly selective and peer-reviewed physician faculty leadership organization. This ensures that CONCIERGE KEY Health members can have immediate access to physician faculty experts that have been hand selected by their peers.

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CONCIERGE KEY Health is the first on-demand app providing immediate access to elite physician specialists, urgent care clinics and hospitals. For more information on CONCIERGE KEY Health please visit 

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